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In Santa Cruz County, most arrest warrants are issued through the Office of the Justice of the Peace. After hearing sworn testimony or reviewing an affidavit from a police officer, the judge will issue an arrest warrant based on probable cause. The arrest warrant is then transferred to law enforcement officers to be executed.

When performing a warrant search in Santa Cruz County, the first place to begin is with the Justice of the Peace. Two Justices serve Santa Cruz County: Precinct 1 and Precinct 2. Each office has a Criminal Division that handles arrest warrants and criminal cases. To find out if there is an active warrant for your arrest, contact the proper precinct. The Justices handle most criminal matters for the county; however, some cases are transferred to the Superior Court.

To search for cases in Superior Court, use the website. The online database gives the public access to information on cases filed in the Superior Court or cases referred from the Justice Court. If you require copies of court records, you should contact the Clerk of Superior Court (ask for the research department).

If you are searching for outstanding warrants in Santa Cruz County, you must include the Sheriff’s Office in your warrant search. The Sheriff’s Office is charged with serving arrest warrants; therefore, this office records all arrest warrants. They will also have detailed arrest records for individuals arrested within the county. You should contact the Administrative Support section of the Sheriff’s Office at 520-764-7869 to inquire about the procedure for warrant searches.

Santa Cruz County, AZ crime data

Between 1999 and 2008, crime rates in Santa Cruz County increased by almost forty percent, while violent crimes decreased by three percent. During this period, there were approximately 7,600 crimes reported within the county, with only eight percent being deemed violent, including only two murders. Over ½ of the total crimes committed in Santa Cruz County were related to burglary or theft.

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