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In Arizona, arrest warrants are a serious matter. Having an active warrant will result in your license being automatically suspended. If an officer scans your license plate, the outstanding warrant will show up for the officer. Therefore, if you think you have an active warrant, you should do a warrant search to determine if you need to contact an attorney immediately.

Warrant searches and arrest records in Apache County

To begin your warrant search in Apache County, use the Judicial Branch’s case status system to research criminal cases filed in Apache County. You can search by name to find criminal cases in Apache County for that person. To get copies of court records, visit the Apache County Clerk of Court. You can search court records in person for free at the courthouse, or you can pay the Clerk’s Office to perform a search for you. Copies of court records are billed per page.

There are three Justice Courts that serve Apache County. Each of these courts may issue arrest warrants. To search for active arrest warrants, you need to contact the Justice’s office for the jurisdiction where the crime was committed or where the suspect resides.

Through the Apache County Sheriff’s Office, you can search for outstanding warrants, view recent arrests, and find current inmates. The Sheriff’s Office can also assist you with conducting a criminal background check (fees vary depending on the results and the number of copies requested).


Is there any way to get information about Apache County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update) 

  • Information on recent arrests: (928) 337-4321.
  • Apache County warrants search: (928) 674-5922 (Chinle), (928) 674-5922 (Puerco/Sanders), (928) 333-4613 (Round Valley) or (928) 337-7558 (St. John’s)
  • Information on warrants issued all across Arizona: (602) 223-2233.
  • Arrest records from St John’s PD: (928) 337-2440.
  • Details on assistance available to crime victims: (928) 337-7560.
  • Judicial records: (928) 337-7550.


Apache County crime statistics

The Apache County Sheriff’s Office handled 147 criminal complaints in 2020. Of these, 107 were property offenses, and 40 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 48 larceny thefts, 46 burglaries, 11 auto thefts, 29 aggravated assaults, 10 rapes, and 1 robbery.

Between 2001 and 2008, there were only 3,000 crimes reported in Apache County. Of those crimes, approximately 11% were considered violent in nature. Violent crimes decreased by forty-one percent, while overall crime rates increased by about seven percent during this period. The majority of crimes committed in Apache County during this period were related to theft or burglary, with only one murder being reported during the eight years.

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