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Arrest warrants in Navajo County may be issued by a Superior Court judge or a Justice Court judge. The active warrant commands that a suspect be apprehended and brought to the court for a hearing and is directed at local law enforcement officers. An outstanding warrant can cause your license to be suspended by the department of motor vehicles. Furthermore, officers use license plate scanners to determine if a driver has any outstanding arrest warrants. You should take arrest warrants seriously. If you believe that an arrest warrant has been issued for you, you can use the following resources to perform a warrant search online.

Warrant searches and arrest records in Navajo County

The Judicial Branch of Arizona has a case information system to provide information about criminal and civil cases filed in Navajo County. This online website is a free service to the public and offers information on both active and closed criminal cases. To acquire information about specific court cases or information about arrest warrants, you must speak to the Clerk of Court’s Office for the Navajo County Superior Court. The Clerk of Court has court records and can help you locate information about active arrest warrants and criminal records.

To search for outstanding arrest warrants and arrest records, contact the Sheriff’s Office for Navajo County. The Sheriff’s Office is charged with serving and executing warrants; therefore, the records division can assist you with your warrant search. You may also ask for a criminal records report from the Sheriff’s Office.

Navajo County crime data

During the 10 years between 1999 and 2008, overall crime rates grew in Navajo County by almost sixty-eight percent. Violent crimes increased by over seventy percent during the same period. Reported crimes averaged 2,233 per year, which meant that a crime occurred in Navajo County every three hours. Nearly one-half of those crimes occurred less than one mile from the victim’s home.

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