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For most people, finding an arrest warrant in their name would be a terrifying discovery. However, knowing about an arrest warrant in advance of being arrested may be in your best interest. You can retain an attorney and begin to prepare a defense before you turn yourself in. Searching for arrest warrants in Gila County begins with an online search for court cases.

The Arizona Judicial Branch’s case information system provides online access to case information for civil and criminal cases filed in Gila County. Searching for court records is your first step for finding outstanding warrants in your name in Gila County. If you find an open criminal case, you can contact the Gila County Clerk of Court to get copies of court records or obtain more information. There are two locations in Gila County for court records: Globe Courthouse located at 1400 E. Ash Street in Globe, AZ 85501 (928-425-3231) and Payson Courthouse located at 714 S. Beeline Hwy. in Payson, AZ 85541 (928-474-3978). There will be a fee for copies, and the Clerk’s Office will not give out information by telephone.

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is charged with execution active warrants issued within the county. Therefore, the Sheriff’s Office is another source for warrant searches in Gila County. To request copies of arrest records or to check for active arrest warrants, contact the Administrative Services Division of the Sheriff’s Office at 1177 East Monroe Street in Globe, AZ 85501 (928-402-1884). The Sheriff’s Office can also assist the public with criminal background checks.

Gila County, AZ crime data

There was an average of one crime every seven hours in Gila County between 1999 through 2008. Throughout this 10-year period, there were about 12,000 crimes reported in Gila County. By far, the majority of crimes were related to theft or burglary. Overall, crime rates increased in Gila County by approximately 50%, while violent crimes increased by over 80% for the same period.

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