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If you do not appear for court in Arizona or do not pay a court-ordered fine, you will face harsh penalties. Both offenses can result in an arrest warrant being issued for the person’s arrest. Furthermore, failing to appear in Court is a felony and can result in additional charges against you.

Once the arrest warrant has been issued, law enforcement officers use the warrant to apprehend and detain the suspect until he can have a hearing before a judge. Outstanding warrants can cause you to lose your license if you ignore them. You should immediately get in touch with an attorney to see what can be done if you believe that you may have an arrest warranting pending against you.

Warrant searches and case records in Pinal County

Once the judge signs an arrest warrant, it becomes an active warrant, and it is transferred to the Sheriff’s Office to be served. You can speak to the records division of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office to request copies of arrest records (there are fees for copies and reports). You may also acquire information about outstanding warrants through this office.

To search for criminal records through the court system, use the system. This website provides information about active and closed court cases filed in Pinal County. To obtain copies of court documents or get more information about court cases, you can call the Clerk of Court’s office.

You should also check the Public Access website to check for a warrant out of any court, including Pinal County. The Justice Courts may or may not keep records of hearings but should have records of any warrants issued through the court. A list of judges for each Precinct can be found on the Pinal County Judicial Branch’s website.

Pinal County crime statistics

Between 1999 and 2008, crime rates in Pinal County rose by almost seventy percent, with violent crimes increasing by almost sixty percent. Over the 10 years, there were approximately ninety thousand crimes reported in Pinal County. The majority of crimes were related to theft and burglary.

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