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In Mohave County, arrest warrants can be issued by the Superior Court or by the Justice Court. After a warrant has been issued, it is given to the Sheriff’s Office for execution. The MVD is also notified of active warrants so that it can suspend the person’s driver’s license until the warrant is cleared. Therefore, if you have an outstanding warrant, you could be arrested at a traffic stop or after having your license plate scanned by an officer. If you think you may have an arrest warrant in Mohave County, you should do a warrant search immediately and consider contacting an attorney.

Warrant searches and arrest records in Mohave County

To find arrest warrants, you should first begin with the Mohave County Courts. The court has an online warrant “lookup” system available to the public. Anyone can search for outstanding warrants by name through this case database. If you find an active warrant, you can contact the court that issued the warrant for further information. To look up case information for criminal cases in Mohave County, you can use the Arizona Judicial public access system. If you need additional information about a particular case or if you need copies of court documents, you should contact the specific court that handled the case.

For a list of the most wanted fugitives in Mohave County, you can check the Sheriff’s website. The Sheriff’s Office Records Division can help you with information about arrest records and background checks. There may be a fee for research and copies of records.


Is it possible to acquire information about Mohave County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • To request an arrest report or the police report of an incident/accident, contact the Sheriff’s Department at (928) 753-0753.
  • To learn more about active warrants, contact the Justice Courts of Mohave at (928)758-0709 (Bullhead City), (928) 875-8700 (North Canyon), (928)453-0705 (Lake Havasu), and (928)753-071 (Kingman).
  • For information on recent arrests and inmate arrest history, dial the phone number of the Mohave County Jail- (928) 753-0759.
  • To get general information and to file a non-emergency complaint, call the Sheriff’s Department at (928) 753-0753, ext.1.
  • To get information on victim’s assistance, call the Mohave County Attorney’s Office at (928) 718-4967.
  • For inquiries about court dates and judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at (928) 753-0713.


Mohave County crimes

Nearly 2120 crimes were reported in Mohave County in 2019. This annual average was the sum of 135 cases of violent crime and nearly 2,000 matters pertaining to property crimes. Around 1200 complaints in the property crimes category were attributed to larceny-thefts, while burglary led to the filing of approximately 575 complaints. Of the reported violent offenses, 107 were aggravated assaults, 6 were rapes, and 19 were robberies.

During a 10-yeard period from 1999 through 2008, crime increased in Mohave County by 42%, with violent crimes increasing by 22%. On average, there were about 20 crimes per day reported in Mohave County during those years. Most of the crimes reported during this time were related to theft and burglary; however, there were also 92 murders, 254 rapes, and 3,541 assaults reported during this time.

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