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If you believe that you have an outstanding arrest warrant, do not panic. The first step is to confirm that an arrest warrant has been issued against you in La Paz County. The second step would be to contact an attorney to help you navigate the judicial system in La Paz. Justices of the Peace handle arrest warrants in La Paz County and should be your first step in performing a warrant search. The Justices take testimony and/or review sworn complaints to determine if an arrest warrant should be issued. Once the arrest warrant is issued, the Justice will transfer the active warrant to the Sheriff’s Office for execution.

Three Justice offices serve La Paz County. They include the Parker Justice Court, the Quartzsite Justice Court, and the Salome Justice Court. To determine if an arrest warrant has been issued, contact the Justice Court close to your home or where the crime alleged was committed. If there is no arrest warrant with that Justice, proceed to contact the other two courts.

You must also check with the Superior Court for La Paz County to ensure that a criminal case has not been filed against you. The Arizona Judicial Branch provides free public access to La Paz County’s case records through its online database. If you find an open criminal case, you may contact the Clerk of Court for more information or obtain copies of court records.

The La Paz Sheriff’s Office is another source for finding out if you have any outstanding warrants since the office serves arrest warrants for the county. You can contact the Warrants Division or the Records Division of the Sheriff’s Office to get copies of arrest records or inquire about outstanding warrants.


Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in La Paz County? (By 2021)           

  • (928) 669-5816 – Call the La Paz County Detention Center’s phone number to learn about recent arrests.
  • (928) 669-2281 – Call the Sheriff’s Office to record a non-emergency complaint.
  • (928) 669-6141, ext-4011 – Call the Records Division for seeking an arrest report and other police reports.
  • (928) 264-1971 (Salome), 1-855-741-7783 (Quartz) or (928) 669-2504 (Parker) – Call the Justice Court for details on outstanding warrants.
  • (928) 669-6131 – Call the Clerk of Court for a criminal case search.
  • (928) 669-6118 – Call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to reach Victim/Witness Services.


La Paz County, AZ crime data

In 2019, the La Paz County Police filed 350 criminal cases, as opposed to the 294 crimes handled in the previous year. These included 310 crimes against property and 40 crimes against persons.

Of the property crimes, 181 were larceny thefts, 87 were burglaries, and 42 were motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent crimes, 34 were aggravated assaults, 2 were rapes, and 3 were robberies.

La Paz County had over 4,700 crimes reported between 2001 and 2008, with nearly twelve percent of those being considered violent. By far, the majority of crimes reported were related to theft or burglary. During this period, overall crime rates rose by almost seventy percent within the county.

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