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If you have an active warrant in your name in any Arizona county, you can be arrested in any county within the state under that arrest warrant. Therefore, it is a good idea to do a warrant search if you believe that an arrest warrant has been issued in your name. To perform a warrant search in Greenlee County, you must understand how arrest warrants are issued through the judicial system.

There are two Justices of the Peace for Greenlee County that issue arrest warrants in Greenlee County. Once a Justice issues an arrest warrant, he will give it to law enforcement to execute. Therefore, you should begin your search for outstanding warrants with the Justice of the Peace. The office for Precinct I is located at 253 Fifth Street in Clifton, AZ 85533. The office for Precinct II is located at 1684 Fairgrounds Road in Duncan, AZ 85534. You should check with both offices to ensure that you find all arrest warrants issued in Greenlee County.

Some criminal cases may be referred to the Superior Court or originated by the Superior Court. Therefore, you should check the AJB’s Public Access website for active criminal cases in Greenlee County. Should you find an open criminal case, contact the Clerk of Court for further information.

Of course, you can always obtain copies of arrest records and check for outstanding warrants by contacting the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office can assist the public with criminal background checks in addition to providing information about arrest warrants.


How do you request information on Greenlee County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)              

  • To find out about recent arrests, dial the phone number of the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office- (928) 865-4149.
  • To inquire about outstanding warrants, call the Justice Court at Precinct 1- (928) 865-4312, Precinct 2-(928) 359-2536.
  • To ask about arrests and warrants handled by Clifton PD, call them at (928) 865-2555.
  • To access judicial records, call the Clerk of the Superior Court at (928) 865-4242.
  • To contact Victim/Witness Services, call the County Attorney’s Office at (928) 865-4108.


Greenlee County, AZ crime data

In 2020, the annual crime rate of Greenlee County was 31 incidents. The reported offenses included 4 violent crimes and 27 property crimes.

More than 10 larceny thefts, 13 burglaries, and 3 motor vehicle thefts were among the property offenses recorded. The 4 cases filed in the violent crimes category included 1 aggravated assault, 2 rapes, and 1 homicide.

Approximately 360 crimes were reported in Greenlee County from 2003 through 2008. No murders were reported during this time, although almost sixty assaults were reported. Almost one-half of all crimes during this time were related to theft. During these years, crimes decreased by 1%, and the average crime rate per year was approximately 80 crimes.

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