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People typically seek Pinal County judicial records when they are looking for a criminal profile of a person or want to learn about the background of the subject through his involvement in civil litigations. Whatever your reasons are for conducting a case search, you will find reliable sources of information in the local Superior Court and of course the clerk of court’s office.

Contrary to perception, the court dockets for Pinal County held by these agencies are not the same, although some overlapping is obvious since the county clerk’s personnel will indiscriminately maintain court documents for all cases filed locally. So, this department will be able to provide details on the misdemeanor cases that were handled by the Justice Court’s network in the area and also on felonies which were taken to the Superior Court.

In stark contrast, when you go to a tribunal, do not expect to find court documents on any other cases except those that were handled by their bench. To put it simply a particular tribunal will not concern itself with the litigations handled by another court in the judicial system of the area, even if they function at the same level.

For instance, the Justice Court sits are more than one location in the county and to seek information from this judicial entity, you will need to know which tribunal heard a particular matter to seek information on it. Undoubtedly, this would translate to a significant amount of running around for applicants who are looking for court documents from Pinal County, AZ.

A simple solution to this conundrum is to take your Pinal County case search to the clerk of court’s office or to launch the inquiry with the court dockets number. In case of the latter, you will only be told about the litigation that corresponds to the case number in question and not all the trials that were initiated against the subject. To find judicial records in Pinal County, go to:

  • The Superior Court: PO Box 2730 971 Jason Lopez Cir Bldg A Florence, AZ 85132-2730
  • The clerk of court: 135 N. Pinal St, Florence, Arizona 85232
  • The justice court of Oracle: 1470 Justice Dr Oracle, AZ 85623
  • Online access to court dockets: