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Mohave County court documents hold a wealth of information on the litigation that they are connected to. Contrary to the belief that judicial records are only maintained in civil cases, it is also possible to find information on criminal matters through a case search. Although applicants are given a myriad of options when it comes to conducting such investigations, starting at the correct judicial agency can help you get comprehensive information in the least time possible and with the minimum effort.

Before discussing this further, it should be mentioned here that one can also launch an inquiry on Mohave County court dockets through the private agencies. Furthermore, it is possible to procure information on criminal matters through the local police as well, although these details would not necessarily qualify as complete judicial records on the case.

If you are going to the Justice court, expect to get no more than information on misdemeanor charges and civil actions under $5,000 which is as far as their jurisdiction goes. On the other hand, the Superior Court will have judicial records that are linked to felonies as well as civil litigations above the dispute amount of $5,000 but they will not be able to offer insights on the cases handled by the lower tribunal.

Fortunately for people who are keen on a Mohave County case search, at least some of this information has been put online at However, there are no guarantees on just how complete these court dockets are as there is some lag between the time the information is stored in the database on site and when it is uploaded online.

If you do not mind travelling around a bit, you could always seek information on Mohave County, AZ judicial records directly from the tribunals or the clerk of court’s division. These agencies can be called upon in person for a case search or you can touch base with them through mail. All of these agencies work out of 401 Spring Street, Kingman, Arizona 86402.