How to get a warrants or an arrest report in Phoenix AZ?

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How to get a warrants or an arrest report in Phoenix AZ?

Learn about recent arrests in Phoenix or launch a warrant lookup through these sources!

You could seek arrests records and details on active warrants from Phoenix Police Department, however, you’ll have to pay the inquiry. But why spend money for a warrant check or an arrest report when you can get this information for free? Continue reading to know about the state agencies that can help you to access the arrest log for Phoenix as well as the city’s warrant list.

How do I get details on arrests in Phoenix?

The Fourth Avenue Jail houses the central intake section that serves both the County of Maricopa and the City of Phoenix. So, accessing the jail records of the Sheriff’s Department will also get you information on Phoenix arrests.

The booking log can be accessed through the tool at However, to initiate the arrest inquiry, you will need the full name (first and last name) as well as the date of birth of the subject. In addition to this, you can also get information on individuals arrested by local PD from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office website at

The results of the inquiry will include details on charges as well as the date of arrest, and information about the bail bond. The tool will show details pertaining to inmates who are currently being held at the facility as well as those who have been recently released.

What are the options available for accessing an arrest report for Phoenix?

In addition to using the website of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, you can also file an online request for arrests records with the Phoenix Police Department. However, you will have to register for the service to submit your request and to receive the reports. The fees are quite nominal at just $0.50/page and you can use the agency’s website at

You can also approach the agency office in person. To avail this service, go to the Public Records and Services Unit at 1717 E. Grant Street, Suite 100, Phoenix, Arizona 85034. You can also email your request to [email protected].

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How do I launch a warrant search in the City of Phoenix?

You can access information on arrest warrants through the judiciary as well as the Department of Public Safety. The best part is that you can get details on outstanding warrants by calling these state agencies as well as by using the case search feature available on the website of the judiciary.

Getting details on active warrants over the phone: You can launch your warrant check through the Arizona DPS by calling them on 602-223-2233 or you can get in touch with the Administration Information Desk of the Criminal Court by calling on 602-506-8575.

Accessing the arrest report online: You can also use the case lookup feature on the website of the Arizona Judicial Branch at This tool allows you to find information on criminal complaints against the subject by using either the name of an individual or the case number as the search criteria.

Phoenix, Arizona Crime stats

Every year, almost 12,000 reports are filed against violent crimes in Phoenix. In comparison, the number of property crimes is significantly higher at almost 58,000 incidents. However, these figures have been plunging in recent years. Overall, there was a decrease of almost 4% in the crime rates of the area between 2017 and 2018.