New Machine for Rapid DNA Testing

Arizona’s new purchase has placed them on the cutting edge of forensic science. In May of 2014, a new DNA testing machine passed its verification to be used in the rapid testing of DNA samples. The Rapid Hit 200 combines multiple processes to give police DNA results in two hours! The process used to take days, even months! The machine cost $250,000 and the Arizona Department of Public Safety has bought two of them so far; they have plans to buy more and allow crime labs all over the state to use the machines.

Verification of the machine’s accuracy is important to prevent identified parties from attacking their use. New scientific processes must be tested vigorously in order to be admissible in court. Since the verification, the machine has successfully been used in the identification of a vehicular homicide suspect.

One benefit to this machine is the ability of police to arrest guilty parties faster. Faster results will allow police to get criminals off the street faster and possibly save some victims. The head of the Arizona Department of Public Service says that the new machine is a great tool for law enforcement and can help keep the public safer.

Arizona is the first state to have one for use in their crime lab and only a few machines are in use in the whole country.