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How to find the arrest log for Tucson, Arizona along with information on arrest warrants?

Like in the other cities of Arizona, information on Tucson arrests is not offered as easily as it should be. The same can also be said about warrant check facilities. In fact, if anything, it is harder to find the warrant list than it is to access details on recent arrests in Tucson.

Having said that, it is possible to file a requests for police reports. However, this method of obtaining an arrest report will involve you either writing to the law enforcement agency or heading down to their office. Continue reading to know more about this and other procedures for accessing data pertaining to warrants and arrest records…

How to get details on arrests in Tucson?

You may have already reckoned that local law enforcement is not going to grant you access to the arrest log, much less the police blotter or anything along those lines. However, there are two other online sources of information that can come in handy.

  1. The KGUN website that posts arrest mug shots at The problem is that apart from a picture, the name of the person arrested and a brief note on the charges, you get nothing else, and that too is only available for some of the detainees.
  2. You can use the arrest app of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office at This is a simple tool that allows you access to the arrest reports if your search with the name of the arrested individuals.

Where should you go to request a warrant search in Tucson?

There are two ways in which you can access details on active warrants. The facility to conduct an online warrant check is offered by the local judicial office and the state judiciary. However, the information you get will be limited by the geographic jurisdiction of the office approached.

To find arrest warrants issued by the Tucson City Court, go to This is basically a court records search tool that allows you to find case information by using the defendant’s name. Because the City Court only handles cases pertaining to traffic violation and minor offenses, the information you get will be restricted to such matters and to the City of Tucson.

The case lookup facility offered by the Arizona State Judiciary is also a similar name based case records search tool. However, with this app, you can initiate a warrant lookup through the judicial records database of the state. This tool is available at

Crime stats for Tucson, AZ

The violent crime rates of Tucson have steadily deteriorated over the last couple of years to reach a shockingly high average of 802 incidents per 100,000 people. This average makes the city one of the most dangerous places to live in the state and in the country.

Approximately 31,000 crimes are reported in Tucson, Arizona each year. As is the trend in other cities, the majority of the crimes are property related at 26,000 plus incidents. Violent crimes account for about 4000 criminal complaints every year; most of these crimes are either assault or robbery cases.