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Arizona active warrants are issued by the tribunals with criminal jurisdiction. Unlike bench warrants that are released by the court of its own volition, arrest warrants call upon the cops to furnish information about the criminal matter to the court. The sheriff’s office presents all the proof collected in front of the bench.

This data is assimilated into a formal, signed and sworn statement that details the criminal incident, the role of the accused in it and the basis on which inference has been drawn about the culpability of the suspect. In the absence of a writ, even the words of the witnesses and the victim can be used to establish probable cause.

If witnesses are called in for deposition under oath, their statements are recorded and this is used for finding reasonable cause in lieu of a police affidavit. At this point, the tribunal is not ruling on the guilt of the accused, a decision merely has to be made about bringing the judiciary into the matter. In other words, the magistrate is authorizing the police to arrest the accused, so that he can be brought before the court.

How are arrest warrants from Arizona different from other judicial directives?

Unlike other legal orders there are no restrictions placed on how, when and where active warrants can be executed. In fact, the reason why these directives are among the most coveted in the legal circle is their unlimited reach. An arrest warrant can be served in any part of the issuing county or the state. In fact, if the crime in question is a felony, the powers to detain the accused under the order go well beyond the state lines.

Of course, the arrests can be effected at any time, day or night and the detention can occur even years after the issue of the warrant. In contrast, judicial provisions such as search orders and even bench warrants have a defined period of validity beyond which the order lapses and a new one has to be sought from the issuing authority. As against this, active warrants from Arizona have been designed to last through the lifetime of the accused.

How to get information on warrants and arrest records from Arizona?

There are two options to procure information on arrest warrants in Arizona apart from simply visiting a justice agency in your area. The judiciary has details on the issue of all legal instruments including active warrants; they also keep details on matters that have been disposed by the local tribunals and those that are currently being heard.

Apart from this, the administrative office of the judiciary also keeps arrest records; the best part is that all this information is up for grabs online. While public records are made available for everybody, a search through the website of the judiciary will fail to bring up details on cases involving juveniles, domestic violence, mental health and information on witnesses and victims.

To find data on a specific case, you will need the name of the defendant /litigant, the birth date of this person or the court number designated to the case. This information will have to be offered at Alternatively, you can send it in to:

Arizona Judicial Branch1501 W. WashingtonPhoenix, AZ 85007Another way to look for information on active warrants from Arizona is to check out the website of the county sheriff’s department. Not all law enforcement agencies offer this provision but some that do include: